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Elizabeth took the time to get to know me and my brand. She was able to create a beautiful logo and website that I am thrilled with!



myself and you

Juul Creative is run by Elizabeth Juul, a web designer based in beautiful Copenhagen. I like to create visual presences – blogsites and web designs which reflect you and feel right; which support your story and which gives your audience a unique experience.

But in reality, all of this is really about you. So let’s talk about you for a moment.

You’re looking for someone who can create a design for you, which is clean but full of personality – yours. You want your audience to have a pleasing experience when they visit your digital home – to feel welcome and at ease. You would love it if your website had a creative, unique detail which accentuates your story. A design, which makes your audience connect with you – even before reading your texts or studying your images. Nobody forgets a website or blog which truly shines.

This is why I like to ensure that the website design compliments your already beautiful images and writing, in a way that feels effortless and natural.


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